We're not so different, you and I. We wander daily to forks in the road, where we must elect either the path of love or the path of despite. Love may hurt a little, and love may not come easy, but it will come, if you call it, love can change yourself, and it can change the world... Love is the answer.

Style Card:

Skyn: Lola By Lelutka
Top: CHANTKARE-Ming Vintage jacket
Pants: [LeLutka]-CHALDEA pants/black
Earrings: ]MANDALA] Lotus Earrings White
Bangle: [MANDALA] Lotus chain Bracelet/White
Bangle: [MANDALA] Takara Bangle white stone
Shoes: Maitreya

Style/Model/Photographer By Ipanemagirl Bing
Pose, P.S Edition By Nitro Sonic! <333

2 comentarios:

Harper Beresford dijo...

Love this look!

Ipanemagirl Bing dijo...

Hello Harper:) Im very glad you like this look, ty so much<3!