PURA VIDA. PURO LeL.Ultra!!!<3

The New Year arrives as a feel of luminous anticipation. Delicately, we hold all its promising potential, as we would hold our breath. The New Year appears like the strong of a dream.

People write his resolutions for the New Year,this year i wan to compose a singular resolution... to live passionately, and thoughtfully. If we live with all we have, with intent to make each hour our finest, what can we regret?
In the end Life is far less in memory, and spirit...if we do not stop and savor in all that is tender and warmhearted: The intimacy of a kiss, of breathless desire.
The stretching smile of unadulterated delight, from someone dear, someone cherished.
We have to live, We have to say Te amo whit all the sacred rhythms of our heartbeats.<3<3<3!

Queridos Queridas<3<3<3
Para todos ustedes mi queridisimos 4 lectores gracias por permanecer aquí cerquita de mi acompañandome, los siento muy junto a mi, seamos PURA VIDA, vivamos en el lado de luz, que este año que viene digamos miles de veces Te amo, que todo lo que debamos vivir venga con la claridad de que sea lo que sea, lo más importante sea que haremos con lo vivido, y que el LOVE LOVE LOVE este con nosotros a cada respiracion.


Style Card
Style 1
Shirt:[LeL.Ultra]-GLORIA Shirt_White NEW!!!
Skirt:[LeL.Ultra]-PRISON skirt/nude NEW!!!!
Shoulder Pads: [LeL.Ultra]-SUNDAY/white_shoulder NEW!!!
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps_BLACK NEWW!!!!

Style 2
Hair:[LeLutka]-SOFIA Hair - Natural Brown
Dress:[LeL.Ultra]-CONSTRICTED/nude comes whit
Corset and Neck Accesorie! NEW!!!
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps_NUDE NEWWW!!!

Style 3
Dress:[LeL.Ultra]-RAVEN NEWW!!!!!!! <3<3<3
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps_ Electric Red NEWW!!!!

Style & Model By Ipanemagirl Bing<3
ePhotographer and Poses By NITRO SONIC ty so much amor!<3
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Here's to all you dreamers...the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers...

When I was a boy, they told me to be practical...

I chose to be a dreamer.

Think Diferent , be hot, love harder, and make love and sex whit all your heart!!!

STYLE CARD: XAVIER SKYN By Icemocolo Voom is the most yummy skyn that i meet in sl, it comes whit Bald/ Hair,Eyeliner and 3 optional chest hair, is a super hot skyn, and i cant wait to see a lot of boy wearing this hot skyn, Xavier Skyn is in MUISM SIM.

Skyn: *Muism* Xavier Tanned C6 !!!! NEEEWWW!
Hat: *Muism* MC Fedora_Black
Jeans:*Muism* VSL damaged jeans/Blue wash
Suit: LeLutka! NEW!
Hairs: *MUISM* and MAD Designs

Photographer, Style & Model By Ipanemagirl Bing<3 PS Edition By NITRO SONIC ty so much amor!<3 More from Me: http://www.ipanemagirlbing.com I can´t resist post this video from youtube, here is!!!<3<3<3


Risk Feelings

"Yesterday I dared to struggle. Today I dare to win."

I am considering print this title quote by Bernadette Devln in a tattoo near to my heart. Bernadette does not glamorize risk, but instead acknowledges the deep truth that we must first be willing to struggle, before we may dare to achieve and accomplish. Risk, after all, is not for the faint of heart.

"And in the end, it´s not the years in your life that count. Its the life in your your years."

Im not a brave girl, but i wan to believe that.

Style Card

Hat: LaGyo Unico <3<3
Hair: [Aden] Mariya (Black)
Eyelashes:[ glow ] studio - eyeliner 01
COAT: *MUISM* [Yeti Jacket] Black
Earrings:[glow] studio - Black Friday SET!!<3<3
Belt:[LeLutka]-FEATHER Part of the dress*/black
Gloves: *MUISM*
Ring:LaGyo_Chic knuckle(gold)
Pants: *Fishy Strawberry* Benatar Leather Pants - NEW!!!! Great leather pants!
BOOTS: RED GRAVE * MOSCOW Boots in Pure Black NEWWW!!!!!! <3

Photographer, Style & Model By Ipanemagirl Bing<3

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I'm Writing Dreams...

What existence is mine, though, if I purely peer at the possibilities, and forsake my fervor, my fighting chance for crowned dreams?

I'm writing dreams, dreams of stars that whisper to the sky.... dreams that need love, hope and faith. December, you promise not to waste any kind of love, of life. December, you that saturate every sun ray and every particle of my soul. I'm going to live N experiences, I'm going to write everything what I live, I'm gonna laugh till explode like a yellow rocket in the stars, and then when I die I'm gonna think, "Holy Shit, What a wonderful life!" Ipa<3<3<3

Estoy escribiendo sueños, sueños de estrellas que susurran al cielo... sueños que pidan amor, esperaza, fe. Diciembre que prometes no desperdiciar ninguna ofrenda de amor, de vida, diciembre que saturas cada rayo de sol y cada particula de mi alma. Voy a vivir n experiencias, voy a escribir de todo aquello que viva, voy a reir hasta explotar como cohete amarillo entre las estrellas, y cuado muera voy a pensar, ¡Carámba que maravillosa es la vida!
P.S: Muchas gracias Elennita por la traduccion:))<3

Style Card

Fur Hat: [LeLutka]@Le.Look FUR HAT tinted in Red by me
Hair: Belinda-Black By 3636 Hair Store
Earrings:{SMS} Feather Earrings Grey
COAT:(Milk Motion) my vintage fur coat with dress Leopard/Black NEWW!!!
Muff: [LeLutka]@Le.Look FUR MUFF_AO
Pants:[LeLutka]-Rockin' Pants In Red
Boots:*Kookie* Athena/Red NEW!

Photographer, Style & Model By Ipanemagirl Bing<3

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The Only Magic

*Bliss Couture* Mohair Dress!

Carpe diem! Rejoice while you are alive; enjoy the day; live life to the fullest; make the most of what you have. It is later than you think.

You, yourself, as much as anybody in the entire universe, deserve your love and affection.
— Buddha

Style Card

Hair Accesorie: Vain - aLaChanel HeadPiece By Toko Voom
Hair: [LeLutka]-ECLAT HAIR_L_01 dark
Tears: LaGyo CIRCUS_Pierrot tears
Dress: *Bliss Couture* Mohair Dress (Black) NEW!!!
Gloves: LeLutka
Bag: =DeLa*= Clutch "Chanel" Black
Leggings: Emery - Leggings Broken #Black
Hells: Maitreya Gold - Esprit-Xtd Noir

Photographer, Style & Model By Ipanemagirl Bing<3

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"Love give me strength, and strength will help me through."
-Romeo and Juliet