Here's to all you dreamers...the crazy ones, the misfits, the rebels, the troublemakers...

When I was a boy, they told me to be practical...

I chose to be a dreamer.

Think Diferent , be hot, love harder, and make love and sex whit all your heart!!!

STYLE CARD: XAVIER SKYN By Icemocolo Voom is the most yummy skyn that i meet in sl, it comes whit Bald/ Hair,Eyeliner and 3 optional chest hair, is a super hot skyn, and i cant wait to see a lot of boy wearing this hot skyn, Xavier Skyn is in MUISM SIM.

Skyn: *Muism* Xavier Tanned C6 !!!! NEEEWWW!
Hat: *Muism* MC Fedora_Black
Jeans:*Muism* VSL damaged jeans/Blue wash
Suit: LeLutka! NEW!
Hairs: *MUISM* and MAD Designs

Photographer, Style & Model By Ipanemagirl Bing<3 PS Edition By NITRO SONIC ty so much amor!<3 More from Me: http://www.ipanemagirlbing.com I can´t resist post this video from youtube, here is!!!<3<3<3

2 comentarios:

nitro dijo...

Excelent style amor!
y el nuevo skin de MUISM quedo de 10!!
Besotes *.* *.* *.*!!! :D

Ipanemagirl Bing dijo...

gracias amor!!:) y gracias por ayudarme con las pics trabajamos perfec mi vida:)!<3