PURA VIDA. PURO LeL.Ultra!!!<3

The New Year arrives as a feel of luminous anticipation. Delicately, we hold all its promising potential, as we would hold our breath. The New Year appears like the strong of a dream.

People write his resolutions for the New Year,this year i wan to compose a singular resolution... to live passionately, and thoughtfully. If we live with all we have, with intent to make each hour our finest, what can we regret?
In the end Life is far less in memory, and spirit...if we do not stop and savor in all that is tender and warmhearted: The intimacy of a kiss, of breathless desire.
The stretching smile of unadulterated delight, from someone dear, someone cherished.
We have to live, We have to say Te amo whit all the sacred rhythms of our heartbeats.<3<3<3!

Queridos Queridas<3<3<3
Para todos ustedes mi queridisimos 4 lectores gracias por permanecer aquí cerquita de mi acompañandome, los siento muy junto a mi, seamos PURA VIDA, vivamos en el lado de luz, que este año que viene digamos miles de veces Te amo, que todo lo que debamos vivir venga con la claridad de que sea lo que sea, lo más importante sea que haremos con lo vivido, y que el LOVE LOVE LOVE este con nosotros a cada respiracion.


Style Card
Style 1
Shirt:[LeL.Ultra]-GLORIA Shirt_White NEW!!!
Skirt:[LeL.Ultra]-PRISON skirt/nude NEW!!!!
Shoulder Pads: [LeL.Ultra]-SUNDAY/white_shoulder NEW!!!
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps_BLACK NEWW!!!!

Style 2
Hair:[LeLutka]-SOFIA Hair - Natural Brown
Dress:[LeL.Ultra]-CONSTRICTED/nude comes whit
Corset and Neck Accesorie! NEW!!!
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps_NUDE NEWWW!!!

Style 3
Dress:[LeL.Ultra]-RAVEN NEWW!!!!!!! <3<3<3
Shoes:[LeLutka]-Saffron Pumps_ Electric Red NEWW!!!!

Style & Model By Ipanemagirl Bing<3
ePhotographer and Poses By NITRO SONIC ty so much amor!<3
More from Me: http://www.ipanemagirlbing.com

3 comentarios:

nitro dijo...

Life itself is dream... a dream to live, a dream to love...
completamente de acuerdo amor, seamos pura vida, antes de que inicie el proximo año comienzo un poco antes diciendote desde ahorita que TE AMO!!!
Besotes mi vida :)))
*.* *.* *.*

Ipanemagirl Bing dijo...

Muchas gracias mi vida!!!:)) gracias por todo el cariño y amor que me das<3 te adoro amor:)<3<3<3

Anónimo dijo...

THX for sharing.