Gift from MUISM GROUP!

Muism Xavier damage skin is now out in store!

What We Do In Life Echoes In Eternity


STYLE CARD: Gift from MUISM GROUP! Boys MUISM esta dando un Skyn de regalo en su grupo, Xavier Skyn esta ya para ustedes en el GRUPO MUISM solo adieranse y mantengase para disfrutar los regalos que MUISM esta dando.<3

*MUISM* Xavier damage 2010 GROUP GIFT
Skyn: *MUISM* Xavier damage_ B2_Hair__Wounds [Gift]
Jewelled:*MUISM* Jewelled Stud/silver.black [5mm
Hat: [LeL.Ultra]-ROMA helmet

4 comentarios:

Mo Miasma dijo...

Oh my God!
what an ad!

Ipanemagirl Bing dijo...

Mo!!<3<3<3 is not a hot boy?i wan a gladiator!!:D

Love you Mo!<3

Anónimo dijo...

Ipa! Super hot post! my bf needs to check in MUISM now!



Ipanemagirl Bing dijo...

Ty Beyon:)! Go whit your bf really is a super male skyn, the works in the body details are perfec!<3<3<3