Haití hurts and needs help.

Gentleness is a master of tempers, a treatment for broken hearts, and broken people. A remedy for war, for witless assault, aggression of the human spirit.

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Haiti in Crisis

One of the most devastating earthquakes in recent history has struck the country Haiti. The earthquake had a magnitude of 7.0, matching the power of several nuclear bombs. What made it worse was the epicenter of the quake was near Haiti's most populated area, Port au Prince, the Capital of Haiti. The strong aftershocks that occurred afterwards added to the destruction. Over 100,000 people are feared to be dead with many more hurt or injured.

Numerous relief organizations from around the world are in Haiti right now pooling together their resources to help the Haitian people. Please take a little bit of your time to donate to the Haiti disaster. Even a couple of dollars go a long way towards providing food and drinkable water.

To help those affected by this natural disaster, LeLutka have set up a vendor with a limited edition skin, selling for just 550L$. If interested in helping, stop by the store and purchase this limited item, it would be greatly appreciated, 100% of the sales for this item will go towards the fundraiser.

*Info taken By LeLutka notice send by Aradia Dielli

Skyn:[LeLutka]-IFElight-Haiti <3 Please if you buy this Skyn you can help to HAITI<3<3<3! NEW
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Link from Red Cross
Twitter de RAMhaiti


Para donar x tu línea Telmex marca *7777 y dona 100,200,300 o 500. Fundación Carlos Slim pondrá peso x peso d tu donativo

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4 comentarios:

nitro dijo...

Exclente info amor!
Unámonos todos, que necesitan toda la ayuda que podamos darles!!!

Ipanemagirl Bing dijo...

Si mi vida, a cada momento las imagenes son tristisimas-:(

Malu dijo...

Claro Ipa, con mucho o poco, pero hay que apoyar, y de tanta cosa mala y tristeza que me da el ver todas esas imagenes.
Le encuentro lo bueno y es que ver como el mundo entero sin importar creencias, idioma o raza nos hemos enfocado en un solo objetivo que es ayudar a nuestros hermanos en desgracia. Es un gusto ver a soldados salvando vidas y no quitandolas. Gobiernos olvidandose de la crisis y dar millones. Carajo porque la humanidad no somos asi siempre y nos olvidamos de tantos odios y diferencias.
Y aqui es donde me robo tu frase, es tan facil solo dar Love, love love.
Saludos Ipa!!!

Ipanemagirl Bing dijo...

Si Malu solo dar Love love love, much love!! no cuesta caro y puedes dar lo que puedas o lo que quieras:D

Besos Maluu:)<3<3<3!