The Paper Couture Fall '10 Collection!

 The Paper Couture Fall '10 Collection!

Dear boy

i really like you

i want to take you everywhere i love, because i know you'll love the same places.

i want to go to shelter island on a beautiful july day and be together on the beach.

i want to look at you and think "you are the one i truly love",

and know that everything is right at that moment. then, i will truly be happy.

and the weirdest part? i don't even know who you are yet. but when i meet you, i'll know.

Te Amo.


Stylist Card: Hello Dear Fashionistas:) Como pueden ver Pape Couture Fall '10 Collection está ya a la venta, son pocos los alagos y las recomendaciones que puedo dar, la tienda habla por si misma, solo puedo decirles que caí enamorada de la joyería, de los vestidos de todo incluyendo la decoración! Sin palabras. Corran ya a Tableau!

Look 1

Earrings:P.C; Faceted Dark Garnet Arrangement Earrings By Polyester Partridge
Necklace: p.c; Cactus Necklace NEW! By Cora Lu
Dress: P.C Beaded Top Gown By Ava Lu
Ring:P.C; Golden Wings Ring By Cora Lu

Look 2
Hair Accesorie: LaGyo for DU4_Narcissus headpiece By Gyorgyna Larnia
Dress: p.c; Basquiat Dress NEW! By Ava Lu
Bracelet: LaGyo_Imber bracelet By Gyorgyna Larnia

Look 3
Turban: P. C Turban By cora Lu NEW!
Earrings:p.c; Studded Gold Circles By Cora Lu NEW!
Dress: P.C Sequin Jungle By Cora Lu NEW!
Gloves:p.c; Basquiat Dress Gloves By Ava Lu NEW!
Accesorie in Gloves: Digit Darkes' black Bow for Gloves By Digit Darkes
Tights: p.c; Basquiat Dress Tights By Ava Lu NEW!

Look 4
Necklace:p.c; Treasures Bib By Cora Lu NEW!
Jacket:p.c; Crossroads Gown Jacket NEW!
Dress: p.c; White cheetah Mini By Ava Lu NEW!
Bracelets:p.c Gold Braclets By Ava Lu NEW!
Tights: p.c; Gold Nests Tights By Ava Lu NEW!

Style/ Model/ Photography By Ipanemagirl Bing
P.S Edition / Poses By Nitro Sonic! <3

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2 comentarios:

Nadja Baxter dijo...

wonderfull styles! i love paper couture since my first times in sl

Ipanemagirl Bing dijo...

Hello Nadja:) Yes i love Paper Couture, this collection is awesome! i love your style Nadja ty so much for your kind words:)<33